Erik Jørgensen, Ph.D.

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Senior scientist at the research unit of Statistics and Decision Analysis, Research Centre Foulum, with special interest in Management Information Systems in Pig Production. The research is mainly carried out within the framework of DINA, Danish Informatics Network in the Agricultural Sciences.

Main Research Areas

Information system for pig producers. Utility value of informations. Simulation models for reproduction and behavioural traits in sow herds and growth models for slaughter pigs. Optimization of culling strategies for sows and delivery strategy for slaughter pigs. Systems for herd monitoring. Statistical methods for behavioural studies.


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Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Aarhus
Institute of Animal Science
Research unit of Statistics and Decision analysis
Research Centre Foulum
PO Box 50
DK-8830 Tjele
Telephone: +45 87 15 80 09
Fax: 45 89 99 16 69

Erik Joergensen